Seafarers Requiem 8.5x14 copyThe Seafarer’s Requiem is a powerful dedication to all lost mariners and their families. It is the first requiem of its kind and through music and narrative relates this dramatic and poignant part of our Maritime heritage.

The Seafarer’s Requiem is compellingly presented combining the Latin Mass with rich choral arrangements of Celtic and classical influence. Traditional and haunting poems such as Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar is written as a sea song for the men’s chorus. The Agnus Dei is written as a round for the women’s chorus where you can hear the chiming of bells. Bells are a theme throughout the The Seafarer’s Requiem, either lofty church bells, haunting buoy bells or lingering ship’s bells.The solos are sometimes Celtic in feel, sometimes art song. The introit is a combination of the poem My Boy Jack by Rudyard Kipling (where a mother is asking about her son at sea) the Latin mass, a mixture of classical and folk, choral and solo. Adieu by Theodore Goodrich Roberts is written as a haunting farewell. Gluing both solos and choral pieces together are moving and profound stories about seafarers that have survived, those who were lost and those left behind and are taken from local museum archives as well as documentaries.The Seafarer’s Requiem is dramatic, thoughtful and in the end hopeful. It is a magnificent tribute to both our history and legacy in this maritime landscape. It is a universal anthem for anyone who lives with the immense beauty, power and tragedy of the sea.

The Seafarer’s Requiem honours those lost at sea as well as those left behind.

The Seafarers’ Requiem debuted on February 8th, at Central United Church in Lunenburg to a sold out audience. It then was performed in Halifax and Shelburne and has been performed by other choir’s including Enchor East in Halifax.

Debut Performance included:
Conductor Wayne Rogers. Accompanist Erin Donovan. Flutist Ann Schmechel. Soloists Paula Philips, Nina Scott-Stoddart, John Ernst, Elijah Ernst, Hannah Ernst and Olivia Dakin. Chorus consisting of singers from the South Shore. Story tellers Janet Mason and Tom Gallant.

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Global News Halifax

LUNENBURG, N.S. – The sinking of the Miss Ally has left a lasting impact for fishing communities across the region, making Maritimers feel connected to each other.

One Nova Scotia woman whose family has a long history in the fishing industry has just debuted The Seafarers Requiem, a tribute to those lost at sea.

“The requiem traditionally, years ago, used to be a requiem mass for people who have died, but in the 20th century, it’s become a tribute and an honour,” said Mary Knickle, the composer of the piece.

Original Story found at (Nova Scotia woman composes tribute to fishermen lost at sea)
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Chronicle Herald

Premiere of Mary Knickle’s takes place this weekend in Lunenburg and Halifax
South Shore musician Mary Knickle has taken the artist’s adage to “write what you know” and run with it, creating a piece of epic proportions with her Seafarer’s Requiem: For Those Lost at Sea.

The choral piece debuts this weekend in Lunenburg and Halifax, and it feels like a work she has waited her whole life to assemble, adapting the form of the Latin mass to reflect the history and day-to-day existence of Maritime fishermen and their families.

Original Story found at (Knickle’s Requiem honours those lost at sea)



Comments about the Seafarers’ Requiem

“…. a deep and beautiful experience. I was moved to tears.”   Jacqui Dumas, Author, Educator

“Brilliant. It’s a wonderful piece, wonderfully performed! Thank you.” Alice Burdick, Canadian Poet.

“It was wonderful Mary ! I was covered in goose bumps!”  Pam Birdsall, Former MLA of Nova Scotia

“Brilliant, breathtaking, moving. An amazing event that should carry on!”  Paul Kellogg, host of Bluenose Opera Radio Show

“A wonderful work of art…… I was swept away, out to sea.  I hope you’ll see it performed in other places – thinking of towns in New England and Old England. Congratulations!”   Heather Holm

“…..beautifully constructed and superbly presented.”  David Findlay, Composer/Recording Engineer at Ottis Media

“Amazing voices and storytelling. Mary Knickle is to be commended for this masterpiece. ”  Suzanne Lohnes-Croft, MLA of Nova Scotia

“… was moved by the words, the musical arrangements, variety, texture, phrasing and emotion delivered by the choir and the narrators. This was a wonder-filled tribute to seafarers past and present and a beautiful way to honor those who made their livelihood at sea or knew those who did. I can picture this work being presented to all sea-going nations.”  David Waugh

“ a beautiful piece that deserves to be heard ” Peter Togni

Sheet Music

The Seafarers’ Requiem score will be available for purchase please contact Mary.

Individual sheet music listed below:
Requiem Aeternam – Chorus
Introit – Chorus and Soprano Solo
Lament – Soprano Solo
Kyrie – Chorus
Sea Fever – Tenor Solo
Sanctus – Chorus
Crossing the Bar – Men’s Chorus
Agnus Dei – Women’s Chorus
The Dead Fishermen – Bass Solo
Lux Aeterna – Chorus with Mezzo Solo
Pie Jesu – Chorus with child soprano solo
Adieu – Mezzo Solo
In Paradisum – Child solo
Mingulay Boat Song – Chorus
Ending: Requiem Aeternam

Kyrie from Seafarers’ Requiem

Pie Jesu from Seafarers’ Requiem

Full Requiem on YouTube

(full version runs 59:57 )